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Spreadsheet Web Apps with Database

Build fully featured planning, reporting, and performance management apps as easy as working with spreadsheets and use them in your browser.

Spreadsheet-to-App Technology

Simply realize your ideas in your spreadsheets and let them be converted into Nooxl Apps without losses and delays.  
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Safe Team Work

Work safe within a multi user environment with full access control, workflows, and approvals.

► Excel Risk Management with Nooxl

Financial Models

Effortless use even of extensive spreadsheets as a model in Nooxl Apps.
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Predesigned Solutions 

Start with best practice Nooxl Apps created by industry experts based on matured spreadsheets.

► Nooxl Real Estate Solutions

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Productivity & Automation

All spreadsheets in one place.  All spreadsheet data in one database, easy to reuse and aggregate. Nooxl Apps with automation from the cloud or as local installation. 

Decision Making
All in one system - make your decisions based on the complete figures with the required documents attached and approve the next steps in Nooxl.
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Zero Code

Create and customize Nooxl Apps without coding. Control individual actions, functions, workflows and batch jobs using Excel formulas only.

No reason to give up Excel  

You can always export your Nooxl App data again as spreadsheets with all your formulas, charts, and formatings.
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Selected Customers


The Bayerische Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Schörghuber Unternehmensgruppe and is active throughout Germany as a real estate portfolio holder with affiliated project development.


Gewobag is one of currently six municipal housing companies in Berlin and manages over 78,000 rental units.


LBBW Immobilien is the real estate center of expertise within the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Group. 

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