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This Will Change The Way You Use Spreadsheets

The Power Of Excel

Microsoft Excel is often used to analyse the following topics: budgeted balance sheet and P/L-statement, trial balance, financing, assessment of value, calculations for fonds, risk simulation, tax calculation and planning, tax questionaire, financial accounting of leasing contracts, input tax deduction and recalculation, liquidity planning, scoring, investments, IFRS …

Despite the many advantages of Excel, the use of spreadsheets as IT-solutions in companies is inefficient and often incompatible with compliance regulations.

With NOOXL we can offer every user the opportunity to generate customer solutions from their spreadsheets, thereby eliminating the disadvantages of Excel. With Nooxl you generate applications for enterprises which are innvovative, flexible, database-based, and compatible with compliance.

Value Gain Through Nooxl


New ideas can be planned quickly with Excel and shared in a secure environment where they can be developed further by business users.


Efficient and effective access to all spreadsheets within the company, always in the current version with the current data; with scenarios, simulation, parameter, workflows, protocols, authorization…

Compliance & Risk

Regulated process control, transparency of decisions and risk minimization, avoidance of misuse, and an audit-trail.


Technical provisioning of business-critical calculations and planning including the required data can be realized by IT professionals; easy maintainability through the separation of business content and IT.


Support of individual business strategy through use of suitable and flexible IT; quick reactivity and broad functionality; generation of competitive advantages.


Collection of business-critical knowledge in spreadsheets, classification and documentation of spreadsheets.


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