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 Your Nooxl App 


Just because the conversion of a single Excel file is so easy with Nooxl, the structure of a comprehensive app with many connected spreadsheets should be well thought out so that the data flow is optimal - from import to capture and calculations to analyses in Nooxl or in Power BI. 

Especially the first time, we can assist you with the experience gained from hundreds of projects with our Excel-To-App technology.

We will be glad to help you in all aspects of a Nooxl introduction, such as:

  • Professional spreadsheet design optimized for Nooxl

  • Creation of customized Nooxl Apps based on your optimized spreadsheets

  • Nooxl project management and implementation

  • Training for Nooxl Apps designers and admins during the project or outside

We make sure that after the implementation project you can adapt and extend all parts of your Nooxl App independently. 


Define App Scope

All spreadsheets required for implementation are discussed in workshops. Suitable additions can be selected from the "Best Practice" examples available at Nooxl or brought in by partners. The need for interfaces (import/export) etc. is determined.

Optimize Spreadsheets

Each spreadsheet is revised with both business needs and technical capabilities in mind to generate optimal Nooxl Apps.

We can support you with training or adapt the spreadsheets ourselves or in cooperation with subject matter experts.

Transformation To App

The finished spreadsheets are converted into Nooxl apps and connected to the cell database and to Nooxl functions (permissions, interfaces, workflows, etc.).

Once we have set up the apps for you, you can make later extensions yourself after training.

Tests & Training

You can immediately test the spreadsheets in the Nooxl apps, and any problems are fixed by us. Furthermore, you can fix bugs in the spreadsheet formulas yourself at any time. Your designers and admins receive the necessary training.


Our partners have created their own solutions for hundreds of customers using Excel-To-App technology and their industry experience. They will be happy to support you in creating extensive apps.

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