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First of all, we love Excel, because Excel gives us the freedom to "program" our own IT solution intuitively via formulas immediately without any obstacles in a professional environment. The only limits are the possibilities of Excel offers and our Excel skills.


In our professional life before Nooxl, we found ourselves working with consulting clients on many mission-critical "monster" spreadsheets, and we also created many Excel files for our clients in order to solve specific problems quickly and comprehensibly. The technical requirements were mostly implemented in Excel in the best way possible. However, such files are not suitable for sustainable use of the spreadsheets over a long period by several users with different data connections.


The task of Nooxl Apps is to enable users themselves to transform their Excel files into productive and secure multi-user applications and thus, overcome these weaknesses of spreadsheets. Nooxl has developed a completely new, innovative platform for spreadsheets that instantly generates database-driven, low-code applications from spreadsheets - without any IT effort - and makes them available as web apps in the Nooxl Cloud or on premise at the company.

Nooxl thus also helps companies comply with legal requirements for risk management in Excel, reduces the risk of errors and increases traceability when working with Excel through change histories as well as audit logs.

Nooxl Apps should not be a dead end for users but can be exported back to full Excel files at any time. The user still retains functional control in the Nooxl Apps and is not restricted in their creativity.


With Nooxl Apps, we aim to provide you with excellent software and outstanding support through our services. 

Unser Team


ReneWallat Foto 135x180.jpg

René Wallat

_DSC0127m10x10 (Custom)_edited.jpg

Torsten Fimmel

Prior to Nooxl, René Wallat worked as a Director at Deloitte Consulting in the Strategy & Operations department for more than 10 years. There he was responsible for the creation of customer solutions based on a self-developed Excel-To-App framework.

Prior to Nooxl, Torsten Fimmel was responsible for enterprise technology and its productive use as IT manager at the Handelshof Group and as head of IT at the Bertelsmann Book Club.


Nooxl Systems GmbH has its main location in Berlin and another location in Siegburg near Cologne.

However, we see ourselves as a company with a „distributed work culture“. This means that our employees are mobile and also work in coworking spaces, at customers' and partners' sites or in home offices.

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