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Excel Risk Management


End user computing (EUC) refers to the autonomous and permissive use of software on the end user's computer in companies. Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access are the most important EUC products.
EUC is also a deliberate counter-strategy to an all-encompassing centralization of IT tasks. It can contribute significantly to cost savings and increased efficiency within a company.
EUC involves the risk of a shortage of transparency and traceability, as well as a lack of access to important corporate data. For many industries (e.g., financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals), there are a number of regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA, BCBS 239) on risk management in the EUC. For all other companies, it should be part of the "best practices".

Complete spreadsheet control with Nooxl



Typical EUC risk management solutions are usually limited to file management, i.e., the spreadsheet files are inventoried, and file information reported.


A major advantage of Nooxl is that the cell data is stored centrally in a database and is available across files, e.g., for business intelligence and reporting, but also in other spreadsheets.

Nooxl also enables the user to store documents and images directly in cells for better traceability of decision-making processes.


Nooxl automates many mass processes with spreadsheets such as copying, recalculating, versioning, exporting, importing, PDF creation, status changes, data-driven permissions adjustments, and invitation emails.

Thanks to the role- and group-based authorization system in Nooxl, the access and change options can be carefully controlled down to the cell.

Thanks to the histories in Nooxl, previous versions of spreadsheet files and data can be accessed at any time and changes can be specifically undone. MS Access applications can also be replicated in Nooxl.

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