Zero Code as 100% Spreadsheets

Zero Code Application

A NOOXL WebApp can be created using one or more spreadsheets; no programming required. On uploading to the server all necessary conversions are carried out automatically.

It is possible to download a spreadsheet with the current data from the NOOXL WebApp at any time. Contrary to many other solutions all formulas, formating options and graphics remain as with the initially uploaded spreadsheet. Thus, you can continue working on the spreadsheet, e.g. in Excel.

NOOXL Architecture

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Best Data Protection: Telekom Cloud Germany

If you want to protect personal data, a German cloud solution is without alternative. T-Systems, a daughter of German Telekom, acts as data trustee and enables the fullfillment of compliance requirements related to data storage, modification and provisioning on the base of German law and secured by a German support organization. Concurrently most recent technologies from Microsoft are used.