Next Level of Teamwork

NOOXL Will Change The Way You Share Spreadsheets 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

NOOXL is a self-service platform for avoiding the spreadsheet chaos in multi user workspaces extending spreadsheets with process, data, user and compliance management plus community & marketplace. Using NOOXL you add business functionality to th e many advantages of spreadsheets. NOOXL gives you the opportunity to improve the efficiency of teamwork regarding the creation, maintenance and usage of spreadsheet templates together with their input data. 

Thus spreadsheets become usable again for business:

  • Efficient, flexible multi user database Application

  • Setup without the need for external programming (Zero Code App)

  • Customizable by business users

  • Central data storage including Excel Documents

  • Avoids Excel Chaos, achieve compliance acceptability

  • True User-Self Service, relieves IT

Avoiding the Spreadsheet Chaos

Odoo CMS - a big picture