About Us

Our goal - a platform for innovative users

Excel is a business critical tool for many companies. For employees, Excel is often the only way to easily and intuitively create a solution for their problems. As companies grow, the division of labor increases and controlled collaboration becomes more important. But with an unmanageable number of files, users and increasing complexity, Excel solutions themselves become a problem.

Before school friends René Wallat and Torsten Fimmel decided to jointly found the startup Nooxl in 2017, they had already gained many years of experience in and with companies. In all companies, they encountered business critical applications in Excel.

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Torsten was responsible for the IT of several thousand employees at Bertelsmann Club and Handelshof, among others. René spent the last few years before Nooxl as Director at Deloitte Consulting, working on a software framework "innosys" to free clients from the Excel chaos that arose from the large number of business-critical spreadsheets. Based on the framework, Deloitte then created hundreds of individual software solutions with moderate IT and consulting effort.

The goal of Nooxl was to enable users themselves - even without further support - to convert their Excel files into productive and secure multi-user applications for small or large teams, thus overcoming the weaknesses of spreadsheets. Nooxl has developed a completely new, innovative standard technology platform for spreadsheets, which generates database applications from spreadsheets immediately - completely without IT effort - and makes them available as a web app in the Nooxl Cloud or on premise at the company.

Nooxl thus also helps companies comply with legal regulations for risk management in Excel, reduces the risk of errors and increases traceability when working with Excel through change histories and audit logs.

Nooxl Apps should not be a dead end for users, but can be exported into complete Excel files at any time. The user always retains full control in Nooxl and should not be restricted in his creativity.

Nooxl can provide ready-made industry solutions to which individual spreadsheets can be added.

The most important thing for us remains that the user enjoys working with Nooxl and that his creativity is given even more room in his company.